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At LEASH Dog Care we honor the commitment we have made to our clients. The trust our clients have in LEASH to care for their pets is sacred. We will never take shortcuts when it comes to pet care.


LEASH Dog Care believes in providing premium pet care. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing their pet is receiving the best care possible. Features such as GPS tracking, time stamps and photos allow our clients to stay informed on how their pet is doing throughout the service.


Working in the pet care industry starts with a deep love for animals. LEASH Dog Care believes in treating every single pet we care for as our own! The LEASH family is a special bond between our staff, our clients and their pets.

Mission Statement

LEASH Dog Care is committed to providing pets and their owners with dependable and trustworthy pet care. All of the animals entrusted to LEASH Dog Care become a part of the LEASH family, receiving the same love and affection that we provide to our own pets.

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