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Welcome to LEASH! We offer dog walking and pet sitting services throughout the city of Boston.

At LEASH Dog Care, love and care for your pet is our main priority. 

All of our services include  

GPS & Time Tracking

We look forward to providing the very best service to you and your furry friend.  


Premium pet care you can depend on! 


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Dog Walking 

LEASH Dog Care specializes in private solo dog walking. The 1 on 1 experience allows our walkers to provide their undivided attention to your pup while building a personal relationship and bond. 

15 Minute Walk - $17.50

25 Minute Walk - $25



Looking for exercise, socialization and just a grand old time for your pup? You found it! Our 1,500 sqft outdoor facility is a safe space for dogs of all sizes. Each pooch who attends our playgroup has been fully vetted by ownership and we have a zero tolerance policy for any aggressive behavior. Pickup and drop off is available throughout our entire service area.                    

2 Hour Playgroup - $35

Pickup and drop off included in price. 

Dog Sitting


Out of town for a day? week? month? We have the perfect service offerings for you! Our overnight boarding service allows your dog to stay in our home. If your pup would prefer to stay home we do offer in home overnight services as well.


Our dog sitting visits might fit your needs for shorter trips. Visits include a potty break, food and water changes, medication and playtime/companionship time.

Overnight Pet Care - $80 per night

Dog Sitting Visit - $30 per visit


Cat Sitting

Do not let the company name fool you, we love cats too! Our cat sitting visits include food and water changes, litter box cleaning, medication if necessary and our favorite activity.... playtime! 

Cat Sitting Visit - $20 per visit

Meet the Staff

Meet The Staff

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